Monday, January 17, 2011

White Bean Bisque

Ready for more soup?  Of course you are, don't be silly.  White Bean Bisque, baby!

Okay, so the sausage looks like a little much on top of this little bowl of soup.  However, I was following the recipe and this is what happened.  I made a slight adjustment on the cheese, though.  You're supposed to make these parmesan crisps and I only had the powdered kind.  Maybe next time I'll make the crisps, just to see what they're like. 

Pretty tasty!  The texture was a little strange because it's basically blended beans... but Jim and I both liked it.  He compared it to sausage gravy.  It would probably be fantastic poured over some nice buttermilk biscuits!  :-)


  1. mmmm...I love some good sausage gravy! It looks like the sausage is attacking the beans!

  2. Haha, it kind of was! I'm sure it's about 10 times healthier than real sausage gravy, too! :-)


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