Monday, March 7, 2011


Have you ever made a parfait?  There's something about them that's so amazing.  Mmm...

Look how pretty it is with fresh blueberries, chunks of banana, and vanilla yogurt.  Oh, and vanilla granola.  Have you ever tried chocolate granola?  Yum.  It's funny... I've found some good ways to eat yogurt and I don't mind it as much as I once did.  I used to hate it and now it's one of my go-to foods. 

Okay, so in that picture it kind of looks like all the fruit is taking over the yogurt.  Maybe it is.  :-)  It's also not in a tall "parfait" shaped glass... but it's layered and delicious.  Isn't that really all that matters?

How do you like to eat yogurt?  

Three things I just learned about parfaits by googling it:
1.  "Parfait" means "perfect" in French.
2.  Parfaits are often frozen and can include ice cream, custard, or gelatins.
3.  People make parfaits of mashed potatoes, pork, and BBQ sauce!  (What?!) 


  1. I love yogurt and this looks like the best way to eat it! I'm a fan of vanilla granola but have never tried chocolate. Yum!

  2. I need a mashed potato, pork and bbq sauce parfait!

  3. Yogurt with Chocolate chex and berries is my favorite yogurt snack of the week - your dish looks delish! I heart yogurt :)


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