Monday, January 31, 2011

Ice Storm?

Here's a little tip for you.  Never go food shopping right before a supposed ice storm.  This may sound like common sense... but I really needed to go to the store!  First off, there were giant mounds of snow all over the parking lot.  That certainly doesn't make anyone feel any more at ease about an impending storm.  Second, there was a lot of parking space stalking happening.  You know, where you slowly creep up on a car that looks like it may be pulling out of a space and then turn on your blinker so everyone else knows to back off.  Yep.  Definitely got my space at the food store by stalking an SUV. 

Hey, whatever works, right?

We'll see what happens with the ice storm.  It was snowing when I came home tonight.  <3  I say bring on the snow... but ice?  Eh, ice makes me nervous.  Especially when I'm supposed to be starting two grad classes this week.  Colleges don't close down like schools do.  Just a little known fact. 

I guess on that note I'll tell you that I'm going to do my best to keep blogging through the semester!  I've never taken two grad classes at the same time and I'm a little worried about the workload, you know, plus my full-time job.  Yikes!  When will I cook?! 

At least I have plenty of food in the house... just in case I have some free time... or something.  ;-)

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