Thursday, January 20, 2011

Soup vs. Stew

Hello again!  :-)

I made a yummy, yet odd, soup tonight and thought you should know about it.  It was kind of a full meal in a bowl and pretty filling... and it quite possibly had the most soup-like consistency of all the soups I've made thus far!  You know, versus being stew-like.  I wonder what actually makes a soup a "soup" instead of a "stew".  Is it all based on consistency?  Hmm... curious.  Anyway, you should also know that this soup did not contain any form of cheese or garlic.  Very weird for us!  We love cheese and garlic.  Well, who doesn't?  Check it out:

Hearty Corn Chowder

Jimmy and I ate it and pondered how strange it was to have so many flavors in one bowl.  Celery, onion, potato, bacon, corn, sausage... all in one place. 

Ultimately, I think we prefer the stew-like soups... what do you prefer? 


  1. If you ask Rachel Ray, there is also stoup, which is between a soup and a stew. Sad to see no cheese or garlic in this one, but the bacon makes up for it :)

  2. Haha, never heard of "stoup", but it sounds like I'd like it! :-) Bacon does make up for everything.


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