Sunday, January 23, 2011


Catastrophe!!!  My awesome green mixing bowl broke this morning.  Well, actually I'm not sure when exactly it broke... but when I took it out of its home in my cabinet it was all cracked.  Like, seriously cracked.  :-(  Sad.

Don't worry... I have other mixing bowls.  It's just that the green one was the perfect size!  I'll miss you green mixing bowl.  RIP.

In my giant yellow mixing bowl, I made the batter for Oat Pancakes.  However, I went crazy and turned them into Oat Waffles this morning.  It's pretty amazing that I've gone this long with the best recipe for batter ever and only this morning tried turning them into waffles. 

Let me put this in perspective for you.  For any of you who know my previous cooking experience (like, before this past summer), you know that waffles were the one staple that I could make with confidence.  I make magnificent waffles.  It's probably the only food that I could make when I was younger... other than like mac & cheese (and that was a stretch because *gasp* I had to use the stove!).  Waffles were my go to food.  That being said, this morning I made waffles with the best pancake batter ever. 

...and unfortunately I may have to conclude that this batter is the best pancake batter ever.  They are pretty, aren't they?  However, I think my original waffles are better than these were.  Don't get me wrong... still delicious.  Just not the same.  Who wants to be a taste tester?!  :-)

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