Sunday, November 14, 2010

Flipping Pancakes!

I know, I know, I just posted a blog, but I did some yummy cooking in between the madness that was today.  Thought I'd share. 

Here's what I made:

Oat Pancakes

I know that's just one in the picture, but there was definitely more than one (hence "pancakes").  I have to tell you that typically when it comes to pancakes vs. waffles, I always choose waffles.  I like the fact that waffles hold onto whatever you put on top and just taste great.  I've gone through probably at least 4 waffle makers and have never really flipped a pancake before today.  I know, I know, that's sad. 

These pancakes, however, may have been the best pancakes I've ever eaten.  I'd compare them to Denny's pancakes as far as consistency goes because they were a tad sponge-like and soaked up all the good stuff.  :-)  I think the trick with pancakes is just to watch them and not overcook them.  I was a little nervous about flipping them, but it wasn't so bad.  I actually had fun flipping these huge suckers.  Jimmy made fun of me screaming every time I flipped one.  Haha.  I think next time I might try the batter in my waffle maker.  We'll see.  :-)


Chinese Pineapple Chicken

Also pretty tasty!  This gets served over brown rice, so make sure you don't make too much brown rice.  The rice will soak up all the juices and it'll lose some of it's awesome flavor if you're not careful.  It was sweeter than Jimmy and I were used to (we tend to like spicier things)... so you'll have to try it and see what you think.  :-)  Here's a picture of it all mixed with the rice:


So, I have this recipe I want to try that requires broiling.  I don't know how to broil something and frankly, it kind of scares me.  Any suggestions?  Tips? 


  1. broiling is easy, it depends if you have a gas oven or an electric oven and you have to keep a close eye, cause things burn quickly. let me know if i can help, i'm pretty handy in the kitchen and i cook pretty well (not to toot my own horn haha) :)

  2. Toot away! I need all the help I can get! I have an electric oven and I just don't know the first thing about broiling in it. In the recipe it says to "place a skillet under broiler"... I didn't know that was something you could even do! ;-)

  3. well you need a special skillet that you can put in the oven, usually a cast iron skillet is what they are referring to, you can use this on the stove top and in the oven. To broil in an electric oven you have to leave the oven door open a little. its cooking at a really high temperature like 500 degrees, you have to select the broil option on the controls. you cook for a shorter period of time when you broil because it's so hot. But some ways to learn how to broil is by melting cheese on something you are cooking, also you can make toast under the broiler too! then once you get the hang of it you can cook meats and stuff. try it out.

  4. Hmm... thanks for the info! I will have to give it a shot! :-)


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