Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day! all those dads out there.  *claps enthusiastically*

For my hubby, I made these:

You know you want one.

He's a good dad and deserved something tasty.

If I'm giving my honest opinion, I think the Cinnamon Toast Crunch muffins I made for his birthday were way better.  It could be because we both almost burned our mouths eating these fresh from the oven, though.  Hard to say.  ;-)

Hubby saw the muffin tin soaking in the sink today and said, "Mmmm... what delicious thing came from that?"  So, I couldn't very well break his heart and tell him I was soaking it because I made muffins out of macaroni the other day and the gunk still wouldn't come out if it (despite being scrubbed, dishwashed, and scrubbed again).  Okay, maybe I did tell him that.  BUT... then, I proceeded to thoroughly clean it again and made delicious muffins.  So that's okay, right?

Macaroni muffins, you ask?  Well... I will tell you all about them!  

I was watching Noodle and Doodle with my little lovey.  That link will take you to some recipes that they make on the show.  We watched the episode "A Trip to the Lake" apparently and it included directions on how to make Frittata Boats.  As we were watching, I was thinking to myself that we had all of the ingredients in our kitchen and nothing in particular for lunch... so away we went.

Cook the noodles.

Add other ingredients and mix in a bowl.

SPRAY the pan before scooping ingredients.  

I think that's where we went wrong.
Definitely forgot to spray the pan before baking.

Scrape unsprayed remnants out of muffin tin.

Struggle with muffin tin until you have a pile of stuff.

Haha, so they were okay.  Obviously, we didn't make the sail part since we had trouble with the muffins staying together after I had to forcibly remove them from the pan.  Oh well!  

I used the rest of the macaroni I cooked to make a somewhat healthy version of mac & cheese... which we then gobbled up for lunch.  

All that was left!

If you're a dad, I hope someone did something nice for you today!  :-)

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