Thursday, September 9, 2010

Due to popular demand...

...I'm creating a blog!  Yep.  This is happening. 

Okay, so you may not have been one of the people who cared all that much about me making a blog.  That's okay.  I'll forgive you. 

Anyway, here I am...
That way you know who's rambling at you.  Get that picture in your mind.  I like the word "rambling" only because then I don't have to be very specific about what I'll be writing about.  My ultimate plan is to write what I want... about anything... anytime. 

Maybe that doesn't sound much like a plan, but it's really a good thing.  I've found that writing/blogging helps me get out my thoughts.  Whatever they may be.  Maybe I'll write about my cooking adventures.  Maybe I'll write about my day.  Maybe I'll write about YOU.  Who knows? 

...and so, I am joining the blogosphere.  It's good to be here!  :-)

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