Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nacho Weekend

If it's Nacho Weekend, whose weekend is it? 

Sorry, that was lame. 

I just couldn't help it!  It's been a long weekend full of progress reports... and nachos.  Found this great WW recipe called Bean and Cheese Nachos.  It might even be too easy to technically call it a recipe.  So, on Friday night we were looking for something easy and yummy.  We had extra taco meat that was leftover from our Taco (and Glee) Tuesday... so I threw some of that in, too. 

Looks pretty delicious, right?  Well, it was.  Jimmy declared nachos as his favorite meal. 

Friday Night Nachos

So, since Jimmy declared nachos as his favorite food... we ate them again on Saturday night.  However, I decided to get a little more creative.  I threw the chips in the baking dish, added refried beans, taco meat, and shredded cheese... and baked.  THEN, I topped them with taco sauce, salsa, sour cream, and jalapeno pepper wheels.  Mmm.

Saturday Night Nachos

I know, now it's getting a little sad.  Can you believe that we actually ate them again tonight?  (...with guacamole <3)  That's how good they were last night.  Jimmy even drove to the store to get more refried beans because we'd used them all!  They were good, but frankly I'm a little nacho-ed out.  Okay, maybe more than a little.  I won't be eating nachos again anytime soon. 

Sunday Night Nachos

The lesson here... don't eat too many nachos in one weekend?  Even if they're you're favorite.  Jimmy says, "They were good, but I'm a little nacho-ed out."  (He said that after I wrote it up there... it's like he read my mind.)  ;-)

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