Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve!!!  :-) 

I hope you've done all kinds of fun things today... shopping, baking, wrapping presents, spending time with family and friends, and watching Christmas movies.  Fun times.  :-)  I got some of those Christmas movies in due to the fact that I spent most of today being incredibly sick with strep throat.  My wonderful hubby took me to the emergency room super early this morning because I was seriously in the most pain I've ever felt with a sore throat.  For those of you who've had strep recently, I feel for you.  I know at least one of my kindergarten kiddos had it, not to mention all the others with random ailments.  That's how it works in kindergarten!  To quote Robert Munsch, "They share everything!"  (Sorry, that was an awesome children's book reference.  Love Robert Munsch.)  But seriously, maybe next time keep your strep to yourself! 

Anyway, I'm feeling a bit better and want to take a minute and thank everyone for being so awesome.  I really do have some fabulous friends, even if I can't see or talk to them all the time.  My family is pretty amazing... and I happen to have the best husband of all time.  (Sorry girls, he's mine.)  :-) 

Unfortunately, I will be spending Christmas Eve with my darkling beetles because I am currently contagious!(Yep, the beetles came home from school with me so they wouldn't die... and for some reason, they freak everyone out.  Why is that?)  Hubby will be home soon and hopefully with some soft snacks for me.  *hint hint*

I shall leave you with a picture of my germ-infested classroom and me with my gargantuan bear, Garbanzo.

Merry Christmas EVE!  :-)

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