Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fun with Chocolate!

Feeling kinda blah.  Not sure why exactly... had a good time with some friends last night, a fairly lazy day today, and even got one of my last projects for my grad class finished today.  I should feel happier than this?  Ho hum. 

I know what's wrong... I didn't cook anything today!  Haha.  I have all these recipes I want to try, but lots of leftovers in my fridge.  It seems kind of pointless to bake an Apple Cider Crisp (WW recipe) when I already have a Tastefully Simple apple cake chillin' on my table.  There's a giant pan of Turkey Tetrazzini and leftover Green Bean Casserole from Thanksgiving (...that I didn't even make!).  That's one of my favorites ...and I'm not even hungry. 

Oh well.

So maybe while you're here (if you're here)... you could give us some ideas about what you'd like to see made out of chocolate?  We're having a little chocolate party and there's going to be some chocolate building going on next weekend.  :-) 

What do you get when you cross a kindergarten teacher with an engineer?  This...

Chocolate Castle (2008)

Snowman Village (2009)

I think I need some other hobbies that don't involve food of any kind.  Suggestions welcome!  :-)


  1. Okay...testing testing...hopefully this blog will now let me post!!! I love these creations every year! Thanks for sharing! Have your guys eaten this years up yet?


  2. Your post worked! :-) Oh my goodness, there's no way we could have eaten it all yet!


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