Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bread Crumb Bonanza

Good day!  :-)  Slept in, cooked an awesome breakfast, got a new headlight, did some Christmas shopping (almost all done!), got our Christmas tree, updated a lot of my recipes to the new WW point system (pain in the neck!), and used a massive amount of bread crumbs in dinner.  I'm also doing laundry right now.  It's all about the multi-tasking.  After this blog, I'm going to go write some Christmas cards, think about watching the game (I might just cause there's been so much hype...), trim the tree, and have a little dessert feast with my honey.  <3

So, back to the bread crumbs.  What did I use them for, you ask?  Good question, my friend. 

Spinach with Parmesan-Bread Crumbs (WW recipe)

Lemon Herbed Salmon

Now, I have to say that I scraped the majority of the bread crumbs off of the salmon because it was just too much!  No one needs all of those bread crumbs.  I do have to admit that when you follow the link to the original picture, there are a lot less bread crumbs on that salmon.  I think the recipe calls for way too much.  ...but they were mighty tasty in the spinach.  I didn't know spinach could taste like that!  Yum! 

Overall, a successful dinner.  :-)

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