Monday, October 13, 2014

Mexi-Peppers and Witch Fingers!

Wow!  My blog is at an all-time low this year for the number of posts I've written!  That means two things:

1.  Life is CRAZY busy.
2.  I may have gotten a better handle on cooking.  

So, it's weird to think that my initial reason for starting a blog had nothing to do with cooking.  See?
I really just wanted to start a blog to get out my thoughts... and somehow that turned into this lovely collection of yummy recipes.  

I also can't believe that I started this blog 5 years ago.  FIVE?!  That's nuts.

I've come a long way.  Like... instead of following an exact recipe, I can concoct!  Ah, how much better is now that I can concoct!  Okay, don't get me wrong.  I still have a lot to learn.  For example, I've still never made a pot roast.  Or cooked Thanksgiving dinner (not that I want to, my uncle makes the best everything for Thanksgiving <3).  I don't know how to use Swiss chard.  Or bake bread.  Oh, the list could go on and on...

...but I got some free green peppers from a friend with a garden today and thought, 'Oh!  Those would be perfect stuffed with my chicken concoction from last night!'  Voila.  Dinner done.  Aren't they pretty?

Alissa's Mexi-Peppers

 ...and here's what it looks like cut open!  Not so pretty anymore, but delish.  Though, I think I've decided that, in general, I like other colors of peppers better than the green ones.  They seem more subtle in flavor, I think.

So, for my Mexi-Peppers, I just cooked ground chicken and added taco seasoning, chopped onion, tomatoes, diced green chiles, reduced fat cream cheese, and a bit of garlic.  Two nights ago we used the mix in soft taco shells... or you could make enchiladas... or put it over a baked potato... or make a quesadilla... or put it in a salad... whatever you like!

OR... add the mess to a pepper of your choice and bake it.  I did 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

Top with fresh salsa, shredded cheese, sour cream, avocado, or whatever else you like and enjoy!  :-)


On a completely different topic, I have to tell you about my friend, the cotton candy grape.

For those of you who don't know the story, I became addicted to these last summer (2013) when I was pregnant.  This is bad news when these grapes are only available for a few weeks a year.  And you don't know that.  And you're pregnant.  Yeah.

Well, my lovely hubby found them this year and stocked up!  I actually still have a bag in my freezer that I've been slowly eating.  :-)

...and that same smart man found these today... witch fingers!!!  They are fabulously weird, juicy, and sweet.  I like them!

So strange!

What will they think of next?  ;-)

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