Saturday, March 24, 2012

Markets, Soups, and Spring

So what does everyone think about farmer's markets (Farmer's Markets -do you capitalize that?)? 

I like the idea of them, but haven't really utilized any in my area because it seems like a lot of work.  I'm not all about extra work.  I think if I could cook without ever shopping for food in the first place, I'd be okay.  It seems like food shopping PLUS shopping at another market just doubles the time spent out and about.  Ugh.

I enjoy the actual cooking process way more than shopping.  The chopping, mixing, and bubbling, not to mention the aromatic kitchen that comes along with it.  Oh, and eating the food isn't half bad.  ;-)

...but... there are apparently farmer's markets who have programs where you can pay a lump sum and then pick up fresh produce every week, every other week, whatever you want.  The one I visited today provides a bag of whatever produce is in season beginning in July and ended in October (if you join the program).  That might not be bad for me.  All I'd have to do is pick up the bag and then cook whatever happens to be inside.  It would be a mystery every week and hey, I might learn some new things about whatever is in there. 

I'm very tempted. 

Oh, you can also pick items up directly from the farm... where you can go and cut your own herbs and sunflowers!  Doesn't that sound fantastic?  Since I've failed twice now at growing herbs on my own, that sweetens the deal even more. 

Okay okay, enough about that.  Here's some yummy soup I just made:

Asparagus Leek Chowder

It started out as a giant pile of veggies in a pan... and turned into an awesome pot of soup!  Jimmy and I both liked it a lot.  It didn't even need a lot of seasoning! 

Now that it's springtime, I think it's time for some light and delicious soups.  What kind of soup do you like to make this time of year?


  1. I joined a CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) this year sharing the cost and the food with my mom and a friend. We start picking up our weekly share of food next week. I will have to stop to get it once a week after work, but looking forward to seeing how it works out and what yummy things they have!

  2. I thought about doing that, but it seems like a lot of expense for things I'm not sure we would use for just Jim and I. Might try it out next year... I'm a little jealous when I see everyone's yummy veggie/fruit posts! ;-)


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