Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Anniversary Flan!

I recently discovered caramelization, which is kind of odd for me because I tend to hate all things caramel.  That seems to be the general idea of caramelization.  If you're like me and you clicked on the link to find out more about caramelization, you may not have understood much of the process. 

Here's what I know about caramelization:

1.  If you caramelize something for too long, it burns. 
2.  It has something to do with sugar.
3.  Caramelized bananas are where it's at. 

My wonderful hubby took me out last night for our two year wedding anniversary to Fogo de Chao.  When we were trying to decide what we should do for our anniversary a few weeks ago I said, "Why don't we go to that meat place... you know, where they have all the meat?"  My new mommy mind doesn't let me remember words sometimes.  Jimmy knew right away where I meant (he's good at deciphering my speak)... so we went!

Well, the meat was fantastic.  My favorite was the filet mignon wrapped with bacon.  I'm a fan. 

However, at one point the meat men brought us a plate of caramelized bananas.  We both looked at them like, "What's this?"  Then I ate a bite and fell in love.  Too bad caramelization takes all of the healthfulness directly OUT of the banana.  Haha.  Anyway, I want to try this recipe for Caramelized Bananas.  Soon. 

After dinner, they brought us this awesome anniversary flan. 

Here's what I know about flan:

1.  It jiggles like jello when you poke it.
2.  It's the consistency of pudding or cheesecake... maybe a combination of the two.
3.  It's yummy.  Especially when it's anniversary flan!

Fogo de Chao rocks.  :-)

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