Sunday, September 18, 2011

Smoothie Heaven

I've had some gift cards for Barnes & Noble burning holes in my pocket all summer (thank you kindergarten families from last year!).  :-)  I finally decided to spend them on some fun things for myself... I got two books:  Smoothie Heaven and The Cupcake Bible.  Okay, and maybe this cute owl stroller toy for baby:

So cute!  :-)

Anyway, I've made two smoothies thus far out of the book that were both pretty tasty... and extremely easy to make!  You may have to invest in the book (it's on sale!) to get the recipes, though.  I'm not sure if I can share them without crossing some copyright law.  Hmm...

Pineapple & Coconut Smoothie

Apple & Nutmeg Smoothie

I apologize for the sideways-ness of that picture.  I've tried about ten times to rotate it, save it, and upload it correctly to no avail.  You'll have to turn your head to see it properly.  I will tell you that I am not a fan of nutmeg.  It's too... oaty smelling for my taste.  If that makes sense.  Instead of nutmeg, I added cinnamon! 

Did you know how much froth an apple makes when you blend it?  A lot!  I'll keep you posted on my smoothie adventures as I try some more.  :-)

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