Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ten Ten Ten!

Happy Ten Day? 

It's just a cool date.  :-)

So, in order to write this blog post I have to admit to you that I've never truly baked cookies.  *gasp*  Well, actually, I've baked plenty of cookies where you just add eggs or butter, plop them onto a tray, and bake.  They always come out amazing.  (My mouth is watering just thinking about them!)  However, many people will tell you that's not real baking.  So, I've fake baked.  I've just never made cookies from scratch... at least not until today.  Well, now I know why.

It was a complete disaster. 

First, as I was collecting everything I needed, an egg rolled off the counter and landed onto the floor mat.  Of all places.  Ooey gooeyness everywhere.  I should have taken a picture... I probably would have if I wasn't in shock!  It was quite comical. 

Next, I'm opening up all the boxes and containers and I struggled with the oats.  Let me caution you, folks.  Do not pull the lid off of a container of oats too quickly.  They fly all over the place.  Trust me.

I actually managed to mix the batter together pretty nicely, but it was really thin and I couldn't understand why at first.  So, as I'm checking back through all of the ingredients, I realize I forgot to add the flour.  The flour!  Come on, Alissa.  Really?  At least I figured it out before I tried to bake the cookies.  Unfortunately, I think these cookies may have been ones where it mattered exactly when you add the flour to the mix.  (I don't know if that's how it is with all cookies.) 

They came out sort of crumbly, so you just have to be super careful when you pick one up.  ;-)  Okay, maybe I shouldn't say that they weren't a complete disaster.  They don't look half bad.  I tried one from each batch and they were okay.  Just not the best cookies ever.  Sad.  Plus, they didn't make me sick, so at least they're edible.

Here's a picture of them cooling... there are a ton of them.  Anybody wanna try one?  They are called "Oatmeal Cranberry White Chocolate Chunk Cookies".  Click here for the recipe!  :-)

So, please let me know if you have any tips or tricks on how to make yummy, moist, and easy cookies.  I've been trying to find some good recipes to make for a cookie table at a wedding I'm going to in two weeks (yay!).  I have a few more to try and I'll post the results!  In the meantime, I'd love to hear your suggestions!  :-)

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  1. Just a side note... these cookies were much more amazing NOT fresh from the oven. Apparently cooling time is important for them! :-) Not too shabby!

    I also got a thumbs up from Jim. Woot! I guess they weren't a complete disaster after all.


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