Sunday, October 3, 2010


It's been a good weekend!  I hope yours has, too.  I spent most of yesterday chillin' and doing a whole lot of nothing.  It was a beautiful day to do nothing and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I did get up early to go exercise, so at least I can say I did something good for myself.  :-)  I also took a nap... and saw 'The Social Network' with the boys.  Not too shabby.

Today, I slept in... :-)  Then Jim and I walked to the food store in the nice cool weather!  We got some supplies for the week (not too many because we had to carry them back!) and had some good conversation (as we always do).  Hehe.  When we got home, I made these:

Grilled Margherita Portobello Mushrooms

Actually, I didn't make those specific mushrooms.  I took that picture over the summer.  Those mushrooms were actually a little bit smaller than the ones I made today... I fit 6 of them into a pan! 

The ones I made today were larger... and amazing.  Again, I cannot claim the recipe as my own.  I found this through the WeightWatchers site.  They have tons of great, low-calorie recipes that are certainly not lacking in taste.  The thing I love the most about WW is that you can actually have foods that taste great without feeling deprived.  It's just all about listening to your body.  Your body generally knows what it wants.  :-)  Imagine that.

Anyway, enough about that, these mushrooms are nifty.  Yep, nifty.  Try them.

I also found some soup recipes... I mentioned that I was on the hunt for some yesterday.  I won't post any until I actually try to make them though.  We'll see how it goes.  :-)  Wish me luck!   

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